Erin was a single woman. She loved a man crazily. He was her first love.


The man’s name was Larry. He was a married man.


He knew that he must tell her a true about his wife and daughter.


Though he wanted to tell her, he feared to lose her.


One day, his wife found the scandal. She felt very angry.


She made Erin feel so small, getting her a slap in her face.


Erin didn’t know why she hit her.


When she got the ridiculous matter, she decided to leave him at once.


Though she loved him very much, she didn’t want to be his mistress.


Larry didn’t know how to handle it. Finally, he made a decision.


He said to Erin, “I can give up my achievements and divorced my wife.”


Erin didn’t agree with him and yell at him, “Why lied me? You should tell me that you are not a single man. We shouldn’t meet and love each other. You belong to your wife. I don’t want to see you again.”


“Sorry, I really love you. If I told you, you must leave me right away.” He felt very sorry


Erin cried with sad. She knew that he was not her man.


She left him and no one knew where she went.


I think that it’s a correct decision to her.


She was really a brave woman.



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