Since Len lost his parents, he has never spoken with anyone.


Maybe he couldn’t stand the shock. However, he was just ten years old.


Though fifteen years passed, he still kept silent.


He loved staying at his room and painted something.


His grandparents were very worried about him. If they die, he will lose dependence on.


They wanted to help him searching for a wife. She will take care of him instead of them.


A rainy evening, Len stood on the street by himself.


He forgot to take umbrella and didn’t know how to do it.


A girl walked to him and then gave a hand to him.


Her name was Alina. She was a smile girl.


Since Len met her, he hasn’t forgotten her. He has been waiting for her where they met place for three months.


A sunny morning, she was seen to enter a book store by Len.


Len walked to her and handed a letter to her.


“Who are you?” She didn’t remember that she has ever seen him.


He didn’t speak any words to her.


Suddenly, she recalled him.


“You’re the rain man, right?”


He smiled with her.


When she got home, she read the letter.


“I haven’t forgotten your smile. You’re an angel. I want to be your friend.”


She thought that he was surely a shy man.


The next day, Alina met him at the same place.


“Why do you always keep silent? Don’t you like to speak?” She felt very curious.


He looked very sad.


“How should I help you?” She said


He still kept silent but all smiles.


One day, she knew the reason from his grandparents.


“You should cry aloud if you feel sad. Keeping silent isn’t correct way. Len, if you don’t mind, I’ll give you a hand.” Alina said


Len understood that she was very concerned about him.


“Don’t make your grandparents worry about you. They’re so old. Please open your mouth, if you don’t want to lose me. You just need to say that I want to be your friend. Len, say that to me.”


Len was looking at her for a long time but he didn’t speak any words to her.


Alina felt disappointed and decided to leave him.


Len didn’t want to lose her.


He gazed sorrowfully at her. His eyes seemed to tell her that I need you and I love you.


Alina felt very sad. She cried but didn’t speak any words to him.


Len knew that he will lose her if he didn’t open his mouth.


Suddenly, he cried aloud and gripped her hand.


“Don’t leave me, Alina. I need you. I… I love you. I love you.”


She was touched beyond words and hugged him at once.


“I love you, too. Thank you, Len. Thanks for speaking with me.”


Leo began a new life. He found a great job and made a lot of friends.


He married Alina in three years.



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