Hana was sent to her grandfather’s house by her mother when she was ten.


Her grandfather lived in a remote village.


And he was an autistic old man. He didn’t like to talk with people.


Since Hana’s mother sent her to the village, she hasn’t visited her anymore.


“I want mom. Grandpa, I want mom.” She cried aloud


“Don’t cry. You have to stay here.” He said seriously


“I want to go home. Let me go home. I want to see my mom.” She said


She didn’t know why her mother hasn’t seen her.


She wrote a litter to her mother and told her that she missed her very much.


“Mom, when will you take me to go home? I don’t like to live with grandpa. He’s very strange. Mom, I miss you. Grandpa said that I have to stay here. Where are you, mom? If you get my letter, please come to take me soon.” She sent the letter to her mother’s address.


“Hana, how have you been lately? Mom misses you as well. Please take good care of your grandpa instead of me. I’ll see you soon. Don’t cry. You can write letters to me if you miss me.”


When Hana read the letter, she felt very glad.


She didn’t cry anymore.


If only she had time, she certainly helped her grandpa in the small noodles diner.


Hana’s grandpa more and more liked her. Even he hasn’t been able to lose her.


“Grandpa, mom said that she will take me to go home soon. Do you want to live with us?” Hana asked him with all smiles


“Why did you say that?” He felt very unbelievable.


Actually, Hana’s mom passed away two months ago.


He hasn’t dared to tell her the bad news.


“Mom sent me a letter.” She handed him the letter.


“A letter?” He had a great shock.


It was impossible to get Hana’s mother’s letter.


He didn’t know what happened on earth.


Though Hana got her mother’s letters once every one week, she still very missed her.


A cold morning, she decided to see her mother by herself.


She didn’t tell her grandfather and then took train to her mother’s home.


The door was locked when she got there.


She sat on the stairs and waited for her mother to come back.


“Are you Hana?” A woman saw her and asked her.


“Yeah.” She nodded her head


“Come in.” She opened the door and entered the house.


“Aunt, do you live here? It’s my home. Do you know my mom?” Hana asked her


“I just moved here for three months. I’m your mother’s friend. She went to a very far place. I live here instead of her. And I wrote letters to you instead of her. ” She said


Hana felt very sorrowful. She cried aloud until she was tired.


In fact, the woman didn’t know Hana’s mother at all.


She was getting into a cross when she got Hana’s letter. Even she was without courage to live.


That night, she let Hana stay in her home.


“Hana! Hana!” Hana’s grandfather was looking for her anxiously.


It was enough dark. He was very worried about her.


“Hana, where are you? Don’t frighten grandpa. Let me know where you are.” He yelled aloud


Suddenly, he fell down from a hill and then lost consciousness.


He was sent to the hospital.


Next day, the woman drove Hana to the hospital to see her grandfather.


“Sorry, it’s my wrong. I shouldn’t write letters to Hana.” The woman said


“Nope. It’s not anyone’s wrong. Hana missed her mom very much. I should tell her the fact.” The grandfather said


“Sorry, grandpa. It’s my wrong. Is it pain? I think so.” She said with sadness


“Nope. If only you don’t leave me anymore, I won’t feel painful. I know how you miss your mom. Don’t do that again. I’ll tell you whole things when you grow up.”


“I know. I won’t leave you.” Hana smiled


The grandpa looked at her happily.


He realized that she was the most important person in his mind.


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