What do you want to do for him if your lover will die in a week?


Take him to the most memorable place that you have ever gone.


Eat favorite food together and comment good or bad.


See a movie which is his favorite film.


Listen to music which is his favor.


Drive him to a far distance and accompany him to wait for the sunrise.


What do you want to tell him if he will lose his hearing tomorrow?


Tell him how you love him.


Say a long story to him which is your love story.


Sing a song for him which is his favorite song.


Take him to sea and accompany him to listen to the voice of tide.


What do you want to let him see if he won’t see anything tomorrow?


Let him read whole love letters which are written by you.


Give him a smile and make him keep you in mind.


Walk to go home with him and imprint scenery forever on his memory.


How should you do if the world is changed suddenly?


You won’t see anything if the sun disappear. And you will feel cold.


The rivers will be without water and flowers won’t be in flower if the rain doesn’t drop anymore.


You won’t buy anything though you have enough money.


All your relatives and friends leave you and go away. You have to live by yourself.


You can see many people but everyone treats you like an enemy.


You must take care any time. You will be attacked by strangers.


Maybe you will meet beasts. You have to run fast though you don’t like



I think that you certainly thirst for meeting an acquaintance even though he

has ever quarreled with you.


You must learn many ways of living.


You have to keep an eye on your steps carefully. I’m afraid that you will be trapped.


Don’t believe anyone. Maybe you will be put on the table and then eaten.


Can you bear the world?


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