I called it devil. I don’t like it at all. It always makes me hurt seriously.


I’m very afraid that it visits me suddenly.


I have to prepare medicines any time.


When I fall ill, I often spew more than ten times. That’s so terrible to me.


Any food makes me spew even water. I don’t know how to cure my headache.


I have to take medicines but I can’t.


I usually was sent to the hospital and gave an injection.


Don’t worry about me. It’s not too bad.


Now, I have realized how I should treat the devil.


Don’t let my brain stop work, besides sleep.


I often fell ill on weekends before I found out the cause.


Even I wanted to find a part-time job.


I have been busy as a bee after I knew that.


Sometimes I learn English. Sometimes I write novels, watch TV or plan a trip.


However, I have to let my brain work constantly.


I often heard someone sleep late on weekends. I really envy them.


I can’t sleep more than six hours every day.


Though I feel tired, I still have to go to bed at twelve o’clock.


If I want to lose weight, I have to eat a little.


It’s really impossible to me because I can’t make me hungry.


If I do that, I’ll have a headache.


Wind is a terrible killer to me. I must protect my head carefully.


I have to wear wool cap when I ride scooter and sleep in the winter.


I can’t stay at crowded places for a long time, smoking room especially.


I usually have a headache after I go shopping.


Finally, I knew the cause was wind and tiredness.


If I can, I wish I can sleep eight hours every day.


Though it’s really hard to me, I wish I can do at least one time.


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