I have recalled her when I got the bad news.


My husband hasn’t dared to tell us that she has passed away.


I always like to call you when I was cooking in the kitchen.


When you heard my voice, you certainly ran fast and then appeared in front of me.


“Don’t die! Please don’t leave us.” I Yelled at her.


I realized that my husband is the saddest person.


“It was my wrong. If I didn’t take her to go out, she impossible died.” He said with sorrow


I didn’t know how I should do. I stopped whole things and then missed her constantly.


“She’s our daughter.” My husband often said that.


She has been our family.


My father-in-law has treated her like his granddaughter.


He certainly called her if he found her to disappear.


I remember that she lost her way several months ago.


My father-in-law was waiting for her to come home when we looked for her.


I think that he’s surely sadder than us.


“What happened on earth? Why did she die?” I asked my husband.


“A car ran into her when she passed the road.” He looked very sad.


“Are you pain now? Please forget the world and then go to another world.” I talked to her in my mind.


We’ll imprint you forever. Your sweet, smart and thoughtful…


You’re not only our friend but also our daughter.


I remember the last meat which was fed by me at the back door forever.


Our dog, Jili.


Her death date was on December 13th 2009.


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