I always liked to chase time but it disappeared quickly.


I knew that you will forget me and then I won’t see you.


I tried to keep my tears in my eyes but I couldn’t do that.


The time impossible come back.


You impossible imprint me on your memory forever.


Though I want to date with you again, I know it’s impossible.


We won’t meet each other in this present life.


Is it greed if I say I just want to see you in my dream?


That’s not easy to forget you.


I’ll remember all memories of love.


That night, I met you and hugged you closely.


I told you how much I love you.


I burst into tears when you kissed me.


I recalled that you whispered sweet nothings to me.


You were deeply gazing at me and then dried my tears with your hand.


We have ever fallen in love each other.


You always lost your head when you were unseen me in a second.


Why did you choose to leave me now that you were reluctant to give up me?


Don’t be silent. I just wish to stay next to you.


I burst out waking up and then found my pillow has been wet.


You’re looking at me with all smiles.


You seem to tell me that grief will pass.


I’m hugging your photo closely and crying quietly.


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