It’s the last week this year.


I did many things that I wanted to do.


This March, my family took a trip in England.


When we got the good news of no visa, we decided to visit her.


She’s really an ancient country.


The trains still are started by diesel.


Many buildings showed their old age.


This August, my family visited France.


I had thought that she was full of romantic before I got there.


When I saw her, I truly felt disappointed to her.


This July, I began writing novels.


Since I was studying in the junior high school, I have fallen in love with writing.


I haven’t written novels for a long time.


When I have children, I have written their growing diaries.


When I decided to travel around the world, I have written the journey diaries.


I love to write pomes as well.


I’m very glad that I have begun to undertake writing novels.


It’s the happiest thing to me this year.


If I can, I hope I can write anything that I love to write constantly.


What have you done this year?


And what do you have any plans next year?


Don't hesitate.


Do it at once.


Thank the 2009 and meet the 2010.



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