It was really interesting.


When I listened to the Korean song, I felt very shock.


It was sung by my little son.


I told him that I have listened to the song.


“How great voice you have!” I said with smiled


“What? When did you listen to the song?” He looked very nervous.


“Last night. I just wanted to check the Japanese recording from your MP3 and then I found it. Hey, you sang it very great.” I complimented him


He felt very embarrassed and asked me to cancel it.


“Why? It’s my son’s song. I don’t want to cancel it at all. You sang it very great. I want to keep it forever. I have sent it in my company’s computer.” I refused him


“Please, mom. Don’t let anyone listen to it.” He begged me and then sat closely me and hugged me.


“It’s really a beautiful song. Why don’t you let anyone listened to it?”


When my husband heard us, he called my little son to enter his bedroom.


“Wow, you sang a great Korean song. I listened to it as well. I intended to let my coworkers listen to it.” He laughed a lot


Actually, he didn’t listen to it.


“Pa, don’t do that, please.” He begged his father.


“Ok. I can forget it if you pound my back two hundreds.”


Though he felt unreasonable, he did something that his father’s requested.


Ha! He was truly adorable.


Well, I attended the Japanese class this Monday.


It’s the new language to me.


In fact, I have wanted to learn Japanese but I didn’t get chance.


The teacher is around sixty years old.


He has been teaching Japanese for twenty-five years.


“Read aloud!” He always told us that.


I seemed to be a pupil.


I learned how to write Japanese words and read them.


It was really interesting to me.


I hope that I can learn it very well.


I’ll do my best.



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