When the door was opened, I saw you to walk into the house.


You were smiling and talking with someone at the same time.


My eyes haven’t moved from you since I met you.


You were the man that I have been expecting.


I realized that you belonged to me.


Though I didn’t know you, I didn’t feel strange to you.


I think that I certainly have ever seen you.


My heartbeat was getting fast.


It expressed that you has occupied my heart completely.


I plucked up my courage to tell you about my mind.


May I love you?


I truly hope to stay next to you forever.


I knew that I’ll feel regret if I miss you.


You just smiled at me and held your tongue.


I didn’t know what your meaning is.


I have ever passed a lot of love.


No one touched my heart more than you.


May I love you?


I truly don’t want to miss you.



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