Which country is your favorite?


Travel around the world is my dream all the time.


I hope that I can visit at least thirty countries in my life.


I enjoy planning my trip before I take a trip.


I love to search for some information on-line and read trip books.


When I finish a trip, I always write my journey diaries down.


I love to collect all tickets, receipts and some souvenirs. They’re my treasures.


I believe that most people can’t do that. But I’m interested in it.


Now, I want to share some trip information to you.


Maybe I can help you a little when you take a trip.


I want to introduce Singapore to you first.


Singapore is a very small country. You just need to spend four days to visit her.


It’s not a long distance that from airport to downtown. About twenty minutes that you can get there.


Traveling in Singapore is very easy to you.


You don’t worry about language and how to visit there.


If you want to go anywhere, you just need to raise you hand and call a taxi.


Though take subway is very cheap and convenient, you don’t need to take it.


Don’t waste your time to take subway because take taxi is also cheap in Singapore.


So far she is only country that I trip by taxi.


If you have four persons to take a trip together, you can take taxi.


The taxi drivers are very nice. They can be your tour guide.


We always asked them how to find delicious food and which places are worth going.


They must take you to go the best place that you want to go.


If you don’t mind, you can stay in a cheap hostel. It’s around NT$400 one person one night.


It’s not only cheap but also interesting.


You can have a good time with foreigners. It’s really a great experience.


The other day, my friend told me that she took a trip to Singapore last month.


“The airplane ticket was very cheap. I just spent around NT$4500.” She said


She took the Jetstar Airways. You can try it.


If you want to buy the cheap ticket, you must understand all details.


Do you want to know more trip information?


You can read my blog. I put it on the right. You can find the “my travel”.


Have a great trip in Singapore.



To be continued…



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