“Aries, why did you treat me so cruel?” Page yelled at him


“I didn’t want to do like that as well. Forgive me, please. I think that you’ll find a greater man.” Aries said to her


“I can’t forgive you forever.” She gave him serious eyes.


“I hardly know how to express my apology. What should I do for you? Trust me, Page, I… have loved you. Promise me, live happily. Don’t cry anymore.” His eyes showed deeply sorrowful.


Since Aries disappeared in front of her, she has been unhappy.


Though he lost his heart to another woman, she was still unable to hate him.


“Don’t be silly. He impossible comes back. Forget him! You need to look for your happiness.” Her mother said with upset.


Her coworker introduced a man to her in six months.


The man’s name was York. He fell in love with her at the first sight.


“True me, I’ll make you be the happiest woman in the world.” York handed her a diamond ring.


She wasn’t able to refuse him.


It was undeniable that he was really a great man.


She believed that she will get happy life if she married him.


They married and had one daughter.


York has treated her like a lover thought they have married for seven years.


A sunny afternoon, Page took her daughter to a far distance park.


“Mom, the park is very beautiful. I want to come here again.” The little girl smiled happily.


She was running and jumping at the same time.


“Emily, don’t run fast.” Page yelled to her.


Emily saw a big dog and played with it.


“Hello, I’m Emily. What’s your name?” She said with all smiles


The dog barked at her and then ran away.


“Wait for me!” She followed it to its host.


“Hi, uncle, my name is Emily. Is it your dog?” She didn’t fear him at all.


“Emily? I think that you’re certainly a sweet girl.” The man said with smile


“Can’t you see me? I’m standing in front of you.” She looked at him curiously.


When Page was walking to Emily, she saw the man who was Aries.


She was hardly able to believe her eyes.


They haven’t seen each other for nine years.


“I can’t see you, Emily.” He said to her


“Why? Why can’t you see me?” She asked him


“Well, my eyes… Ha… uncle’s eyes were sick many years ago.”


“Don’t you fear, uncle? If I can’t see anything, I certainly feel very afraid.” She said


“Yeah. You’re right. Uncle was very afraid when I knew I won’t see anything and my lover.” He said with sorrow


When Page got that, she felt very sad.


She didn’t know why he became a blind man.


“Uncle, what’s the big dog’s name?” Emily smiled


“Page!” He said


“Page? That’s so funny. It’s my mom’s name. Why do you call it Page?”


He recalled his lover and then talked to Emily about her.


“Uncle had a lover. Her name is Page. She’s my favorite woman in the world.”


“Where is she?”


“I don’t know. I heard that she has married and has a daughter.” He said


“Doesn’t she love you anymore? I think that she surely don’t like a blind man.” Emily said with upset


“Nope. She didn’t know that I became a blind man.”


“Why didn’t you tell her? Did you fear that she laughed at you?”


“No. I feared that she has stayed next to me.” Aries said with sorrow


Finally, Page understood whole fact.


She was gazing him and crying quietly at the same time.


“I don’t know what your meaning is.” Emily said


“You will understand when you grow up.” He smiled to her


The big dog ran around Emily. She smiled at it and then followed it.


“Mom?” She saw Page


She stopped and looked at her.


“Why are you crying?” She asked her


When Aries heard that, he stood up and walked to them.


“Emily…” He yelled her


“Uncle, I’m here.” She walked to him


“Where’s your mom?” He felt very nervous.


“She’s there. Uncle, do you know my mom?” Emily looked at him


“I don’t know. Maybe she is… is…” He didn’t dare to say anything anymore.


“Come here, Emily. Page gave her a wave.


Emily ran to Page.


“You play with the big dog here. I want to talk something with uncle.”


“Mom, do you know uncle? He doesn’t see anything.”


Page nodded to her.


When Emily was playing with the big dog, Page walked to him.


“Page? Are you Page?” Aries lost his head completely.


“It’s me, Page.”


When he got that, he cried at once.


“Why didn’t tell me about your eyes? You’re a liar. Do you know how long I spent to forget you? In order to make my mother keep relieved, I married another man. He’s not my favorite man. You should tell me whole things. Now, how should I do? Aries, I have imprinted you on my memory. I haven’t doubted your love.” She cried aloud


“Sorry. I’m so sorry. I couldn’t make you unhappiness. Page, my love. I have expected to meet you in the next world.” He said


“Why don’t we fall in love with each other in this present life? I don’t believe the next world.” She cried


“Don’t cry. Page, I love you forever.” He said


At that time, Emily ran to Page and caught her hands.


“Mom, I want to go home. Let’s go!”


“Emily, I’m glad to meet you. Take care.” Aries smiled


“Uncle, your dog certainly protects you. We’ll go. Bye!” She waved him


Page didn’t want to leave him but she must go.


She gave him the last concerned eyes.


“Take care!” She said to him


He gave her a big smile.


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