I impossible stop loving you even if my heartbeat is stopped.


I think that you haven’t known how much I love you.


Don’t mind. If only I can see you, I’ll feel satisfied.


It’s enough. At least you know my name.


Why did you disappear all at once?


No one knew where you were.


I was looking for you crazily.


My lips were shaking with fear.


I struggled to keep back the tears.


Finally, we met each other in many years.


I saw you was running and laughing with a little girl.


She’s so pretty.


Don’t tell me the cruel answer.


Is it truth? I didn’t dare to ask you.


You burst into my heart and then tore it.


I ran away from your heart quietly.


At least I know why you disappeared all at once.


At least I know you’re happy at present.


At least I have ever met you.



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