It was really an interesting experience to me.


I knew a woman who lives in Malaysia. Her name is Esther.


Actually, my husband knew her comes before me.


He went to Kuala Lumpur for business trip seven years ago.


They attended the same course and knew each other.


He introduced her to me and then we became good friends.


Since I knew her, we have kept in touch.


She always likes to write English e-mail to me.


I have learned a lot of English from her.


She is my English teacher and friend.


I deeply appreciate her helping in English.


She took a travel in Taiwan five years ago.


My family took her to visit a lot of spots.


One night, we met heavy fog when we drove on a mountain road.


We had to drive slowly and carefully because each turn was full of dangerous.


We found a small inn and stayed there one night.


We stayed the same room and ate instant noodles.


Though we didn’t have delicious food, we felt very happy.


It was an unforgettable night to us.


My family visited Singapore with her three years ago.


She booked a cheap hotel for us.


The hotel’s name is Sleepy Sam’s.


It was full of foreigners.


The first dinner, we ate pepper crabs at a harbor restaurant.


My boys felt very satisfied.


The second day, we took cable car to go to Sentosa.


She has a beautiful beach and gardens.


We saw the water dances and it had a lot of various styles.


The third night, we visited the Safari Zoo.


It was really a special zoo because it’s always opened at night.


We saw the animals show.


A big snake was hidden under an audience’s seat.


I cried right away when it was taken from the seat.


What a horrible!


I didn’t dare to open my eyes to see it completely.


However, we enjoyed a funny trip with Esther.


Next January, Esther is going to visit Germany for the Church.


She’s very worried about the weather because her country has been summer.


I prepared some things for her, such as gloves, scarves, hat, clothes, thick socks and some skin ointment.


Esther, Have a great trip in Germany.


You’re my family’s friend forever.


I hope that you can find a good man and has great future.



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