“You owed me an apology. Please say sorry to me right away and then I can forgive you.” Renee said to Page


It was Page’s wedding. She was wearing a beautiful wedding gown.


Who are you to ask me I have to apologize to you?” She laughed aloud


Renee felt very upset but she was still all smiles.


“OK. I realized your meaning. I congratulate you to find a great husband.” She left with smile


Renee has never forgotten that Page imputed the stealing to her when she was a senior high school student.


It was a total nightmare to her. She just needed an apology but Page didn’t say that to her.


When Page was walking to the wedding hall, the overhead projector was showing some close photos of Page and other men.


She had a great shock and then looked at her fiancé.


All relatives and friends were talking about her.


“What are these?” Her fiancé was very upset.


“I can explain to you. Honey… I don’t know what happened on earth?” She said with fear


“Hussy!” He was really angry.


Suddenly, the alarm was ringing and then all people ran to outside immediately.


The hall was getting very disordered. Her fiancé threw her away and then walk out the building.


Page cried aloud. She didn’t know what happened on earth.


When she saw Renee, she realized whole things completely.



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