Clare and Kelly were studying at a university. The two guys liked to do some crazy things.


A sunny morning, they were walking on the campus.


“Let’s bet.” Kelly said to him


“What do you want to bet?” Clare felt a bit boring.


“Can you see that girl who is wearing a white shirt?” He said with smile


“Yeah. She looked not pretty at all.”


“Sure. I have a funny idea.” Kelly thought that it was very interesting.


“What? Do you want to make a fool of her?” Clare didn’t agree with him.


“Just a kidding. Maybe she will appreciate us.” Kelly said


“How do you want to do?” Clare asked him


“You chase her and make her love you.”



“What? You’re so crazy. How can I do if she really falls in love with me?”


“It’s just a game. You can throw her away.” Kelly said


“Well, what’s the bet?” Clare said


“Ten thousand dollars.” He said with smile


“Wow, it’s a big money.” He needed some money to pay his living expenses.


Clare decided to chase the girl in order to win the money.


No one can refuse Clare’s chasing. He was very handsome and popular in the campus.


One Sunny afternoon, Clare followed that girl to enter a book store.


Her name was Nina. She was reading some trip books.


“Are you interested in trip?” Clare walked to her.


“Yes, traveling around the world is my dream.” Nina said


“Wow, it’s a big dream.” He said


“It’s not difficult to me. I’ll visit Czech Republic this summer vacation.” She said with all smiles


“That’s great. I have wanted to see her.” Clare said


“Do you want to go with me?” Nina said


“What a bold you are!” He looked curiously at her.


“Why did you say that?” She smiled


“You shouldn’t invite a strange man to take a trip together.” He said


“I know you. You’re the student of my university. You’re name is Clare, right?”


“You can say that again.”


“You have been popular at the campus. It’s my pleasure if you can take a trip with me.” Nina said


Clare felt very happy. He can visit Czech Republic, besides getting ten thousand dollars. Though she was not a beautiful girl, she made him happy.


“You’re really a different girl.” He said


“If only you be my friend for ten days, you certainly fall in love with me.” Nina said with smile


“Don’t be kidding me. I just like pretty girls.” He said


“Don’t you want to win the bet? It’s ten thousand dollars.”


“Why do you know that?”


“Now, my friends made a bet with me as well.” She said


“What’s the bet?”


“Taking a trip with you.” She said


“It’s really a boring bet.” Clare said


“You’re right. But I can get a big money and a trip if you can promise my date.”


“It’s deal.” He laughed aloud


At last, Clare won the bet. And he fell in love with Nina.


Nina not only won the bet but also get a lover.



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