Who have ever seen my long legs uncle? I want to look for him.


I think that you have heard the story of the long legs uncle.


Judy was an orphan.


She has accepted a man’s help when she was a little girl.


She called him long legs uncle.


He has kept an eye on her.


He always knew what things she needed.


He sent her a lot of gifts. She deeply has appreciated him.


When she grew up, she loved a man who was her classmate’s uncle.


Actually, the man was her long legs uncle. He has stayed next to her.


I had a long legs uncle as well.


My father passed away when I was twelve years old.


I’m the elder child in my family.


We really needed someone to give us a hand.


 Finally, the long legs uncle appeared in my life.


We met each other once every year.


He total helped me for six years.


When I got something from him, I always must write a letter to thank him.


I felt unhappy though he gave me a lot of help.


I didn’t understand why I have to have a strange uncle.


However, I have kept his kindness in my mind.


I didn’t know where he is. I’m just able to do something to repay him.


I have learnt from him to help someone.


Now, I’m a long legs uncle.


When I met the child, I always recalled my long legs uncle.


I deeply appreciate you, long legs uncle.


I hope that you’re happy forever.



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